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Then what happens?

We’ll start with a brief (15 minute) phone call to talk about what you need and whether I can help you achieve your goals. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about therapy or my style.

You don’t need to prepare anything special for this call, but having a little bit of privacy and time when you won’t be interrupted is best.

What happens after our call?

If we both feel it’ll be a good fit, we’ll set up an appointment time and get started! If we aren’t clicking, I’ll send you some referrals who might be a better fit. Either way, take a deep breath: you’ve made an awesome step toward healing and growth!


$150 for a 50-minute couple or individual session

$240 for an 80-minute couple session

I can provide superbills for out-of-network insurance claims. I recommend asking your insurance about your benefits or using Better to verify and process claims.

My Office


582 Market St, Ste #1118

San Francisco, CA 94104

Transit: Montgomery BART/Muni station

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