• Client centered: I consider this my Prime Directive for therapy- all other values are secondary. We decide on your goals together. I will offer guidelines, boundaries, and input, but wherever possible, I want to enable you to make decisions about both your life and your treatment.
  • Organicity: We hold that you are already, and always, working toward wholeness. All behaviors and coping mechanisms, even if they don’t serve you today, are respected as ingenious ways of coping in the past.
  • Pro-science, pro-learning: Whenever possible, I choose methods and approaches that have shown positive results in scientific literature. I recognize the limitations of experimental science on the complicated and nuanced therapeutic relationship, but still invite research to inform my work. I also regularly attend trainings and consult with knowledgeable therapists to maintain and improve my clinical skills
  • Body-positive: All bodies are welcome here. I do not privilege a certain size or shape or kind of ability. I maintain that “health” looks and feels different for each individual.
  • Sex-positive: I maintain that sexuality is part of overall wellness, and should be discussed in treatment.
  • Social justice: I believe that all our lives are intertwined, and that as any one individual heals, they have the capacity to help others. I also believe that an important part of therapy is examining and possibly dismantling systems of oppression.


The values I’ve listed here are ones that I frequently reference while making choices about how to practice.  That said, anyone can make a list of values or a manifesto- it’s putting them into action that is most important. And as a human being, I may fall short at any time. I welcome discussion and collaboration when I am missing the mark.