The Trust Your Gut Challenge

A FREE, no-BS 5-Day Intuition Building Mini-Challenge 

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Intuition gets a bad rap these days- so many of us feel like we need to live our lives based on hard data, and when we can’t find that, we lean on everyone else’s opinion instead.

But so many of us are aware that we’re missing something. That while we can get all the information in the world in seconds, we need a strong system to make sense of it all.

And I’m here to tell you that you’ve already got that system- your instincts and intuition- and just need help connecting to it. So for five days, we’ll be building that relationship in a relaxed, fun challenge.

How Does It Work?

Each morning for five days, you’ll receive a video from me via email. The videos are all around two minutes long, and they each contain a small mission that’s grounded in research (no woo here) and doable that day. They’re all designed to push you out of your comfort zone just a little and wake up that intuition muscle if it’s been offline for a while.


This series was such a nice idea! My favorite part was the 5th video on intention setting. (Such a great reminder!)  I loved the bite-sized quality of the videos and how down-to-earth you are in your presentations.


April 2019 Challenge Participant

I gotta warn you…

This challenge is tiny. It’s not going to cure your anxiety, fix your relationship, or get you a promotion- it’s only a few minutes a day! If you really make an effort to show up, though, it just might start a chain reaction of creating a more powerful, impactful relationship between your thoughts and feelings.

About Abby

I’m a psychotherapist based in the Bay Area. I’m a skeptic, and don’t take most ideas about intuition at face value— but I see over and over again how amazing intuition can be as a force for clarity in so many people’s lives. I believe wholeheartedly that if we can all learn to trust ourselves just a little bit more, we can do so many more amazing things for ourselves and our communities.

Photo by Sarah Deragon.