COVID-19 Quarantine Resources

I'm compiling a list of mostly free resources to help you take care of your mind, body, and relationships during the coronavirus crisis. Updated frequently!  Don't Panic! Quick Mental-Health SOS Treat each of these as an experiment. If it doesn't feel good, stop. Of...

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What To Ask When You Call a Therapist

Finding the right therapist is daunting. Even for me- when my friends and family ask for help finding the right person to work with, I struggle. There’s no perfect way to be sure that a therapist is right for you. That might be frustrating to hear already- that you...

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How to Opt Out of Diet Culture

First, let’s define “diet culture.” The internet has lots of varying definitions for this term, so I’ll focus on diet culture as it affects the people I care about both in and out of my office: a culture that conflates thinness and certain styles of eating with...

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Why is Acceptance the Key to Growth?

I’ve been doing some self-reflection lately about what is important to me about this work, and I keep coming back to the idea of acceptance. This is so important to me that I have a mission statement with the sentence:  “Everyone deserves acceptance.” One of the...

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Boundaries: Why They’re Awesome and How to Create Them

Boundaries are love. Bear with me here. I know we don’t always feel this way. After all, it doesn’t always feel great when people set boundaries with us.  You probably don’t consciously want your friends and loved ones to say “no, you can’t do that.” But if you’ve...

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How to Know if You’re Centered

“Centering” isn’t a major concept in any therapeutic modality that I practice, yet it is so integral to how I conceive mental health and thriving. In my practice, “centered” means you are aware of your body and able to work with it as a partner and an ally. You take...

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