Psychotherapy is all about healing through relationship. While I can give you lots of helpful information, you can get that out of books- for much cheaper! What is more valuable is attending to your full lived experience- as a whole person sitting with another whole person.

In the old-fashioned view of psychotherapy, the therapist is a “blank screen” onto which a client projects their thoughts, feelings, and issues, giving them a chance to work them out. This method helps lots of people- and it’s not how I choose to work.

So in therapy with me, you get to be sitting with a real person. There’s really no way my full humanity can be left at the door. When I have biases and opinions, they show through in my reactions to what my clients tell me. If that triggers shame or distancing, we attend to that in the room. This honesty creates a sense of safety and closeness that can be healing.

And because I’ve given myself permission to be a fully expressed human being in the room, I hope that offers you permission to be the same. I want to celebrate your full range of emotions, your thoughts, your reactions, and your unique way of being. I want to help you feel good about who you are and what you do. And I’m committed to the adventure of healing with you.

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