Photo by Sarah Deragon.

A mentor once told me, “A good therapist never asks ‘How does that make you feel?’”

I got into this work because I know getting clear about your feelings is healing. I want you to be at ease with whatever feelings are coming up for you. But I know it’s just not that simple.

For the things that people bring into therapy, feelings are messy and confusing. Feelings don’t make sense. You definitely don’t want to just wallow in them- you need a navigator to help you make your way through them, to help you listen to your feelings and let them tell you what you need.


What To Expect

In the first few sessions, we’ll get to know one another and develop a plan to meet your therapy goals. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you need, or if those goals don’t make a lot of sense- it’s my job to help you envision something that would be a meaningful “win” for you.

Once we’ve established a plan, the meat of the work gets done. Depending on your needs, we’ll develop coping skills and mindfulness. We’ll explore how you can approach relationships, work, your body, or your inner world in a way that feels right to you. We’ll systematically and carefully work through trauma. Some people have a pretty direct path, others have more bumpy ones- I’m with you the whole way as a playful, perceptive, and down-to-earth guide.

Most people experience me as warm and accepting, but that doesn’t mean I won’t call you on your stuff. While I want you to feel affirmed and supported, my priority is to help you take your gains from therapy and apply them in the rest of your life.

So come on in, let me pour you a cup of tea, and let’s talk. I am excited to get to know you and support you on your journey.